Boomer – All-in-one Mobile Application for SMEs

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Boomer Launched in Indonesia

Boomer entered Indonesia as an innovative all-in-one solution for SMEs digital marketing platform. During the launch, Boomer also announced its collaboration with Tri, to facilitate users in Indonesia in accessing Boomer Marketing’s full services using their Tri’s phone credit. The article highlights the advantages of the mobile application, which includes connectivity, interactivity, easy access and coverage area.

Boomer – All-in-one Mobile Application for SMEs

Online Promotion Gets More Interactive and Measurable

By on November 10, 2015 in News Articles

Boomer Marketing

While social media marketing and marketplace compete aggressively, Boomer came with an innovative solution to SMEs in Indonesia. Boomer Marketing mobile application makes digital marketing more accessible, convenient, and responsive. Arun Gadiraju, Chairman & CEO Boomer, stated about how Boomer Marketing simplifies tasks. Boomer also partners with Tri to market its product. Dolly Sutanto, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Tri, also explained about the efficient payment method that Tri offers to its customers in order to have the access to Boomer Marketing’s full services.

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Tri and Boomer launch marketing applications

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3 Indonesia or Tri telecom operator with its partner Boomer today Tuesday (20/10) launched the digital marketing application named Boomer Marketing.

An application that allows users to create a marketing strategy was created to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Indonesia was chosen to be the first country to launch Boomer Marketing. “We believe this collaboration can empower young people in developing their business,” said Dolly Susanto, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Tri in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/10).

In this cooperation Tri has designed a highly efficient method of payment. Dolly according to the Tri customers will utilize these applications can take advantage with a subscription fee directly deducted from the quota of the customer. While this payment can only be done by using a pulse Tri owned.

Restaurant owner saves USD 5,000 through Boomer Marketing

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  • Boomer Marketing app in Indonesia

The digital world is getting attacked by the business community in order to cut expenses, but able to generate significant revenue. Similarly, this restaurant businesses claiming they can save on capital expenses up to $ 5,000 through the application Booming Marketing.

“I’ve had three weeks of using the application Booming Marketing for the restaurant business. The advantage of the new look of the costs, especially for the website. If the web designer else, I could be charged a fee of US $ 1,500 to US $ 5,000 to build one website,” said Tiko Aryawardhana, owner Restaurant Harlow IFT when met yesterday.

Do not stop there just because it would be subject to an additional fee if the future it will change the design of the restaurant website. That is, the cost should he spend if the more expensive web designer.